Support & Connection: Alike and My Chronic Illness Journey

Experiencing several chronic conditions, an Alike user describes the challenges she has faced and the support she has received from the Alike community.
Support & Connection: Alike and My Chronic Illness Journey
Written by
Alike Team
Published on
June 15, 2023

My life with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, POTS, and Chiari malformation has been a challenging and confusing ride. As a teenager, I struggled with random joint dislocations and excruciating pain, often brushed off as normal complaints. It wasn't until a series of surgeries and a visit to Mayo Clinic that I received a proper diagnosis. Learning about my chronic conditions was both a relief and a burden, as I faced the reality of managing them for life.

In the midst of this journey, I discovered the Alike app, and it has been a true game changer. Alike offers a user-friendly platform where I can interact with a community of individuals who share similar health struggles. It's a safe space to discuss my experiences, learn from others, and find comfort in relatable stories. Connecting with fellow chronic illness warriors has lessened the sense of isolation and empowered me to face each day with renewed strength.

College life brought its own set of challenges, with unexpected health crises that landed me in the ER and ICU during my first week. Despite relocating, Alike remained a steadfast source of support and knowledge. I have found solace in hearing others' relatable stories and, equally important, educating those without chronic illnesses about our daily battles. Alike's functionality and ease of use have truly made my healing journey more manageable, and I am grateful for the understanding and camaraderie it has brought into my life.

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