Overcoming Traumatic Brain Injury with Alike

An Alike user shares how she discovered Alike and how she has contributed to the knowledge of the community based on her experiences and treatments for TBI.
Overcoming Traumatic Brain Injury with Alike
Written by
Alike Team
Published on
May 21, 2023

I cannot stress enough how crucial social media has been in finding supportive communities during my journey. When dealing with a traumatic brain injury (TBI), the confusion and drastic changes in how you navigate the world can leave you feeling isolated. Instagram played a significant role and it was through this platform that I was able to get the treatment I needed. I also found Alike on Instagram and was then able to share how I was finally able to regain sensation in my hands on the Alike app. Thanks to Alike, I no longer feel alone because it allows me to not only absorb valuable information but also contribute and share what I've learned. Incredible connections and knowledge-sharing on Alike have empowered me to use my energy for good, and I am immensely thankful for the support and understanding this community offers.

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