9 Healthy Alternatives for Improving Chronic Health Conditions

Supporting Chronic Health Conditions with Alternatives to Mainstream Healthcare
9 Healthy Alternatives for Improving Chronic Health Conditions
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Alike Team
Published on
November 30, 2022

Supporting Chronic Health Conditions with Alternatives to Mainstream Healthcare

Did you know that one in three adults suffers from multiple chronic health conditions? Having a healthy lifestyle has become such a fad it can be challenging to know how to get into better health, where to start, and what methods work for coping. In addition, healthcare across the globe has changed over the years, and the internet and social media could have something to do with it, as people share their successes with alternatives to conventional care. One platform, Alike Health, has got quite the answers.

"Kratom definitely helps with chronic pain.

While most people reach for a prescription alone, many are choosing other methods to mainstream medicine in which they support their bodies or find relief for their chronic or acute health conditions. In the Alike Health App, users shared what has most helped them with managing or improving their chronic health issues. Below are some treatments pulled from those currently suffering from continuing health issues such as pain, sinus problems, throat irritations, insomnia, mental and physical health, and immune support.

9 Healthy Alternatives People Reported Most Helpful for Recurring Conditions (in no particular order):

1. Medical Marijuana

2. Acupuncture

3. Chiropractic Care

4. CBD Oils

5. Massage therapy

6. Essential Oils

7. Herbs

8. Mushrooms

9. Apple Cider Vinegar

These were the most commonly stated alternatives to or in conjunction with conventional medicine. To learn how these methods have helped, download the Alike App today.

"Medical Marijuana and CBD have really been life-changing for me!”

Why do Some People Prefer Alternative Medicine and What is it?

Alternative medicine is usually a treatment that uses natural or holistic practices and procedures to manage health. Sometimes it can be called “Complimentary Treatment” such as Chiropractic care. Holistic treatments aim to support the whole body and get to the root cause versus treating or masking symptoms with pills, possible unnecessary surgeries, and other intrusive procedures. Alternative treatments focus on prevention and supporting the body as a whole.

For some people, they have tried everything from seeing specialists, having surgeries, taking prescriptions, and other conventional treatments that may have required follow-up with no real relief or cure. This can cause time wasted at appointments that don’t make progress in healing, lots of unanswered questions, and frustration. People can feel helpless that their only option is pain and suffering with pills for the rest of their life. Thankfully that is not the only option and help is available.

Knowing there are other options available can bring tears of joy to those who need them the most. No one should have to suffer from a debilitating condition or illness and no one should be told that is how they will have to live out their life.

"Acupuncture! Once a week, I go to strengthen my immune system and raise my energy levels!”

Although there were nine most mentioned alternatives for support and relief, many other options were listed and diet was mentioned quite a bit as well. Eating healthier balanced meals, especially those that were anti-inflammatory had great results.

"I wouldn’t say it is alternative medicine, but diet is very important.”

It’s nice to know there are not just alternative options available but people willing to share how to use them and what they are used for. Alike Health is one of the best places to find this information and support. There, people discover multiple ways to support healing with alternative methods and their benefits.

What are the Benefits of Alternative Medicines?

Have you ever talked with someone who grew up doing all the conventional things such as going to all the well visits, taking only conventional over-the-counter meds plus prescriptions, getting procedures done, and only to be worse off or not any better than they were before? What if those people made a pivot towards holistic natural healing and found success? There are many of those kinds of people out there and they were all skeptical but they gave it a try and it worked.

Some of the benefits of choosing a more holistic approach to health and wellness include:

  • Enhancing Quality of Life: Modern Medicine is great at quickly eliminating issues but they are only temporary. Natural methods aim to get to the source and address it fully. This reduces the rollercoaster ride of feeling well then unwell and provides a more stable lifestyle.

  • Flexibility: Holistic practitioners are able to choose different methods for how they treat their patients and have more options readily available based on a person’s lifestyle and health factors.

  • Reduces Negative Side Effects: Most conventional products come with warnings and can have serious negative side effects while natural treatments are usually safer with little to no side effects.
  • Provides Support and Relief: While conventional medicine can be amazing and life-saving, holistic approaches aim to support the whole person (mind, body and spirit) and give the body what it needs to run and continue operating smoothly.

Think of a car. Cars need to be maintained and well-kept or they will stop running. To do this, a car need gas and oil to properly function. Without them, the car goes nowhere. Fueling the body with what it needs, will provide it the tools to run optimally. But how are people able to find these types of solutions and success stories that kept them going and living a better healthier life? That’s where Alike comes in.

How to Connect with Others, Find Support and Solutions

What if you could meet people who are dealing with the same condition as you? What if they had their unique success and failures, and could inspire you to try a different approach? That’s what Alike aims to do! Using the app, users can meet those close to them that share the same chronic health condition. Through this community, you can discover courses of action that have helped others live with their conditions or get rid of them entirely, and might be one you haven’t tried yet.

"Surprisingly, I discovered the best alternative medicine for my migraine in this app!”

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Check out the rest of the responses from our users on the topic in this discussion post.

Click here to download the Alike App to your smartphone today and get connected with people who want to support each other and provide valuable information.

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