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For those who’ve taken Xanax? How did it make you feel?

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    • Sillybillie


      Worked great for me although it wore off way to fast. So don’t like it.

    • Sillybillie


      Worked great for me although it wore off way to fast. So don’t like it.

    • catbvnny


      i thought it was alright. for me, it worked okay for those super sudden panic attacks but it's definitely not something i'd ever want to take daily.

    • foggymind6


      extremely addictive. makes me feel like a zombie if i don’t take it. don’t recommend only if absolutely necessary

    • kaydee


      I was very addicted to them and it was very hard to get off.... I'm back in one but very strict. Not more than one a week.

    • Kait115


      I don’t recommend Xanax. My therapist fortunately advised me to stop taking and I’m so glad I did before I released I was addicted. I had the worst with drawl symptoms.

    • nevernothurting


      Xanax is extremely addictive, personally I’ve taken it to calm panic and anxiety attacks which, it does help a lot for, but it kinda made me feel like i was on autopilot. I could function but i was pretty tired and not really all there mentally/emotionally. Like someone else said, it’s kind of a bandaid fix; it seems like it blocks the anxiety receptors once it kicks it, but once it’s out of your system you just feel back to how you were before getting upset and overwhelmed and a bit fatigued

    • Quinee


      I used to take Xanax ... however, my therapist explained that it's a very addictive drug! So slowly, I stopped using, and today, I do not take at all ... I am under regular SSRI treatment, which helps me a lot!

    • EartAngelCooke


      Wonders. I get really bad panic attacks that cause my O2 levels to drop drastically (in the 80s) and Xanax has helped me.

    • Tomato


      I see Xanax as a fire extinguisher. It helps for taking charge of your anxiety in the now, but doesn’t treat the real issue. My doctor gave it to me just until the SSRI kicks in.

    • StevenCee


      I’ve been on klonapin for 25 years, kinda like time release Xanax for panic attacks. Same strength entire time. First time I had a panic attack I seriously thought I was having a stroke…my entire left side of my body went numb starting at my left cheek progressively working down to my ankle. Serious stress related

    • xxRedSkyxx


      I've had it once for a massive panic attack in the ER. Everything got brighter, and I felt kinda goofy. I got really hungry but otherwise that was it

    • vixen666


      I didn't like it im on ativan

    • neptune_mars


      I'm taking it right now and it helps me a lot. But I can only take it if I'm okay sleeping for a few hours because it makes me really tired. I'm only on a .25 mg but I'm hoping to go up a dose because my anxiety it starting to over power it

    • Rainwarrior2


      Bad, It was probably the cause of my panic attacks

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