Some backstory here:

I drink occasionally but I don’t really like to. A lot of why I do it is straight up peer pressure. Anyways, I’m wondering when drinking becomes a problem. Although I don’t drink very often, sometimes I take it to far and end up making choices that don’t align with my personal beliefs. When I do drink, I get drunk enough to embarrass myself to an extreme and fall into even more peer pressure. I wouldn’t say I’m dependent on alcohol by any means, but I feel like the amount I’m drinking is not normal all the time. In the past, people have told me that I’m drinking way too much. They try to stop me but most of the time I don’t listen and slam some more alcohol. Again, I really do not drink that often but something feels off to me. Anyways, back to the question at hand:

Do I have a problem?

Substance Use Disorder (SUD)

Anxiety (Including GAD)

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