I have been taking these injections for the past 6 weeks. While I have lost weight, the side effects are kicking my butt. Has anyone had any success with combating the nausea, acidic burps, diarrhea, and exhaustion? Two days after my injection, each week, I'm spending most of my day in the bathroom and/or napping. I'm about to stop these injections, but I can't decide if that's the right move or not.


Chronic Diarrhea

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Nausea and Vomiting

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  • bokani


    How big of a dose did the Dr start you on?

    • LlamaMama2


      I started on . 25ml for the first 4 weeks, then I moved up to . 50ml.

      • bokani


        did the symptoms get worse with the increased dosage? I just took my 5th dose of .25 today. I see my Dr in a week. Side effects have been fairly mild for me. But yeah, I don't feel super for a day or two after the injection. I've also tried Byetta & Victoza. I was SO freaking sick on those two, I don't even want to talk about it! Ugh! 😥

  • LlamaMama2


    My symptoms started two days after my first dose. While they fade by the end of the week, they are right back a day or two after my next injection.

  • RhetoricalYou


    I think you should talk to your doctor about it, I've heard from others that your doctor can sometimes prescribe medicine to help with the side effects of ozempic and lessen the nausea, diarrhea etc. Also, my doctor mentioned to me that fatty foods can worsen the effects, so maybe see if avoiding those at the beginning of the week will help you. As others have mentioned, you may even try a different version of the same medicine and see if that makes a difference. Best of luck!

  • Kmac17


    I take Trulicity, a similar injectible. Protonix and Zofran help.

  • Harvey78


    According to google the nausea and gastro symptoms are only experienced if you eat sugar or high fat foods like fast food. Since i found that info on Google i been a avoiding sugar and fatty foods and i feel fine. Its like the found a medication that delivers electric shock b6 way of nausea. If we eat stuff our drs told us to avoid.

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