anyone still walking?

Multiple Sclerosis (MS)


Symptoms Involving Nervous & Musculoskeletal Systems

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  • Niko1990


    Its hard but I try to walk alot

  • Demolition


    I'm walking ..I have remitting relapsing

  • Adrian7003


    I can walk, but my lack of balance makes me look like I'm a little drunk. I'm young so ig my symptoms will worsen

    • Nicholas_Ice


      this is pretty much exactly how I feel too.

    • Beans617


      same! I've had people ask me at work if I'm drunk. I WISH! 😅

  • jdog54321


    I'm kind of in the same boat as all these other guys. I can walk but I would rather have a cane or something. I'm scared to get walking assistance though because I think I might go downhill even faster if I do.

    • jdog54321


      I ended up getting a walking stick. I use it quite often and it's very helpful.

      • Beans617


        great! I have a walking stick too and I love it! Way better than a cane in my opinion!

  • MSowleyes


    I am. Age 45 Spms, MS for 26 yrs only dx 2 yrs ago, wheelchair user last year for 6mo (far from first time stuck in one) Complications while starting Ocrevus, long battle... but now walking up to 3mi multiple times a week. Motility service dog in training. Remember the first 30-45 min of moving is always the worst, hydration, electrolyte balance, safety with movement, take breaks often, control the mental health makes a massive difference in success. #Yoga moves Ms

  • Moxie_Bluesky


    Still walking with a cane for long distance or uneven surfaces. I have relapsing remitting.

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