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I had my first VP shunt in 2017 and revision in 2019 (2 weeks before nursing school).. when I'm active and my BP rises my head throbs! Then I don't move around and gain weight.. then I don't cook and eat horribly.. it's a cycle. Due to my inactivity I get wicked occipital neuralgia from my neck as well. They also treated me for migraines for 9 months until I got mean about it.. come to find out I had a blood clot in my brain! now I can't get weight loss surgery because I have a hiatal hernia I had no idea about so I would need the full bypass and can't take nsaids (which I live on)

    • DrLJ


      I had weight loss surgery for IIH. It’s helpful in about 50% of cases according to scientific literature. These are good odds and may be worth a temporary loss of NSAIDs. Unfortunately I fell in the wrong half of the statistics. But losing a lot of weight is so helpful in so much of life!! I’m also using other medicines to help with the pain. Gabapentin is really good as a long term prevention of neuropathy and helps some of the pain. Derivatives of marijuana in many forms are great and depend on your state what you can get. All states allow prescription Marinol which is the pharmaceutical version of THC usually prescribed for cancer patients for nausea. Sometimes we can also get it and it’s very good to lower brain pressure and controlling pain. CBD Delta 8 is also excellent. Obviously medical marijuana is best if your state allows. Also the herb Cat’s Claw is excellent at lowering brain pressure which in turn helps pain. Please keep learning and reaching out!

    • LadyKarma


      Fight for your health! A lot of these doctors put people on the back burner when they need the most help!

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