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What are the symptoms of binge eating And how can you get rid of it?

    • Suzy77


      I don't know what the technical definition of binging is but for me it's eating until I feel ill and then normally going to sleep for a little while getting up and having some more to eat. For me it's an everyday fight do I want it or don't I want it I've lost 165 lb and I've gained seven back since Thanksgiving because I'm not going along with my eating plan nor am I exercising I decided that I just didn't feel like doing it anymore as I look back it was the wrong decision but trying to get back to just eating a healthy amount of food is really really hard. I hope you find your way through this and I hope I find my way through this and if we can check some more that would be wonderful!🤗

    • giantmetalclown


      Water lots of it. I take magnessium glycinate. If you do eat allot your going to poop allot eat better things like mini carrots and nuts cause after a while you will get tired of crunching and eat as much. I was addicted to sugar been slowly cutting back in stead of 4-8 glases a day i would switch to iced tea and water. Also put a budget on what you buy with food. Its never easy but little things here and there do matter also eat more veggies take vitamins. Or dribk a v8 is what i usually do

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Symptoms of binge eating can include eating large amounts of food even when not hungry, obsessing over calories, and feeling a need to eat. Some strategies to manage binge eating include eating small portions or snacks throughout the day, becoming aware of situations that trigger you, distracting yourself, limiting availability to food, and seeking professional advice. Medication like Vyvanse could also be considered after consulting with a doctor.

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