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Hi there! I saw this app advertised to me and figured it didn't hurt to check it out. since November of 2021, my routine gastro issues became less routine. I've always had mild nausea but I started having these intense episodes of unbearable nausea. It's massively interrupted my life and my doctor is kind of stumped since all testing has come back pretty normal, with a few exceptions which wouldn't cause the symptoms. Anyways, I hope if you're reading this, you're doing well. If you have any recommendations I'm happy to hear them or if you just want to commiserate, I'm here for that too!

    • Jay2004


      I am currently suffering with these issues as well all my doctors are stumped on my health issues and are recommending me go to a rheumatologist for these episodes I'm having since all my testing came back pretty normal expect for a few spots he thinks the rheumatologist can look deeper into it and possibly find something maybe ask your doctor if this is something he would consider. I really hope you start feeling better

    • WWJD


      I can relate. The constant nausea. When doctors couldn't figure it out I got the "Chronic Nausea" and they stopped trying. Same thing with Chronic Fatigue. For some of it, I was eventually diagnosed with Celiac. Have you done that test yet? Seems like they forget about that one a lot and gluten is in so many things. You can get Zofran (i have generic) pills, I hate them but when I'm desperate they do help. I understand. You are not alone.

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One user mentioned that their daily nausea was related to fibromyalgia, which affects the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) and can cause some systems to slow down or relax, including digestion. Another user suggested seeing a gastroenterologist for further examination and testing. It's important to consult with your doctor for personalized advice and recommendations.

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