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I’ve had some lower back pain that radiates down to right foot off and on since I had a baby February 2021. Took a 10 hour trip via car and by the time I arrived , I could barely walk bc the pain in my lower back and right hip and butt was unbearable . I’m no stranger to back pain as I’ve had 2 ACDF surgeries to c5 thru c7. This pain in my lower back and hip is unbearable . The trip was June 16 - 19 and we traveled 10 hours back home . One wrong move and I’m in horrible pain . It got so bad last night, I was unable to sit up in bed and the shooting pain brought me to tears . I actually peed my pants , the pain was so bad . I’m using a cane and taking ibuprofen and BC powders for back pain around the clock, but nothing is helping. I have a 16 month old that depends on me as well as husband and 14 year old . My oldest has been a big help with the baby the last week . I’m so worried it’s a slipped disc .

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      I’ve had very similar issues since my youngest was born (2016). Physical therapy helped a lot. Just keep up on it. I started feeling great, stopped doing my daily PT and I’m starting all over again. How it was explained to me was: when pregnant, your ligaments relax so your hips can get into a better birthing position. After a while they go back to normal…mine on my right side, never went back to normal. So you have to build back muscle up to keep everything in place. I also have other low back/sacral iliac inflammation issues, and Sciatic nerve pain, but they don’t flare up when I’m on top of my PT.

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