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I recently twisted my knee when I fell and rly hurt my hip and knee both a few months ago. I’ve been in PT for it for a few weeks hoping to not get an mri but I have a torn meniscus most likely. Just today I pulled an intercostal muscle when I was just pulling off my sweatshirt really fast. It was a shooting pain in my right rib/side that felt like the wind was knocked out of me, sharp pain and it was hard to breathe. Once it mostly subsided after a few minutes I’m left with a soreness when I breathe or move a certain way. I’m icing it now. I’m surprised I hurt myself so painfully from such a small movement. I recently have been suspecting HEDS due to family symptoms that I’ve inherited like easy bruising, hyper mobile joints, translucent skin, slow healing, joint pain, etc… Could this be related to why I’m so easily injured? Has anyone else (HEDS or not) experienced a torn muscle from something like pulling your sweater off?

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Yes, your suspicion of HEDS could be related to why you're so easily injured. One person with HEDS mentioned that they get injured from simple activities like sitting down or walking slowly without falling, and it can be very frustrating.

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