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I'm having a colonoscopy done in a few weeks, any tips or advice to get through it easier?

    • justdoingmybest


      Be sure to have the food you’re able to have during the prep in stock! (Definitely fact check this, but I remember being allowed chicken broth and jello without red dyes) The prep really is the hardest part. I had the thicker liquid that you had to have a glass of every hour I think and it made me gag, but I know there’s one that’s less thick that you’d have to drink more often. Next time I get one, I’m definitely doing that. Also, highly recommend getting some wipes if you don’t already have some. You’ll be having to go a lot during the prep, so it helps with any irritation. Good luck!!

    • smokitcat


      Just do the prep as they tell you, that's the hard part, the actual colonoscopy is a doddle, as you're out of it

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"Depending on your current state of health, the prep for a colonoscopy can be easy or hard. It's recommended to start eating softer foods sooner to make the prep swifter and more painless. During the prep, you might want to stay near a bathroom and drink the prep as quickly as you can. Warm chicken broth can help move the prep along too. You could also watch movies while drinking the prep and use wipes for comfort. For the procedure itself, you will be given an IV and put under anesthesia. After the procedure, you might experience some low belly cramping but it should not be intense. Using a heat pad can help with any pain. Remember to manage your pain and be kind to yourself throughout the process."

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