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I just currently found out that I have COPD. I am terrified and I feel like my doctor is taking my dx too lightly. I am still waiting for my pulmonary function test so I have no idea what stage I am in. I am feeling very guilty and I don't know how to tell my children I am afraid they're gonna be very disappointed in me, I am so scared.

    • Nanaof2


      I know what you mean, when I got diagnosed it caught me completely off guard. But you have absolutely no reason to feel guilty!!! Please know that! Why would your children be disappointed in you? You didn't do anything wrong. Do not allow all the other factors to play into what you are going though. You need to know that you are not alone in this, there are many of us in here that have COPD. Everyone is different, and the stages are also different. But you need to remeber that you should not feel guilty nor be afraid that your kids will be disappointed in you. If you ever need to talk, vent, scream, cry, laugh, etc im here!!! You keep your head up..okay

    • look


      Take one day at a time and walk as much as you can i told two of mines not my son yet my daughters are in the healthcare field so they know i use to jump when my leg hurt my chest in a little pain now i let go and let god cause he's the only one that can remove this suffering decease away your children will except it but it some out here to help do research what's best for you i did quite smoking almost 2in a half years. After one day i couldn't stop coughing i already had asthma. Then it was bronchitis we all my have copd but nobody's copd is the same maybe some systems or the umbrella term will be the same but it affects us different so be will be blessed

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