so how has everyone been feeling lately? be completely honest & open <3

Bipolar Disorder

acute lethargy

Low Mood

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  • talli


    Not good. I haven't been feeling that sad, but I'm showing severe signs of depression. I haven't been working and instead sleeping 15 hours a day, even if I'm not tired, just to cope with feeling nothing. My boyfriend is the only person that makes me happy right now but I'm also sabotaging that relationship with my bipolar. I don't have a car so I'm stuck in my house and can't hike or distract myself by going with friends or exploring. Sorry haha, hope this is okay

  • E_belli


    I think I'm becoming better. Increased my Prozac dose due to some flares with a depressive episode/increased anxiety. I think the med has kicked in finally. I'm not getting a lot of sleep only 4-5 hrs. But definitely improved mood. And renewed my sobriety, hooray. How are you?

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