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My sister says she takes her meds on days off because otherwise she is sluggish and "useless". I never really gave it too much thought because I feel like I should only take Ritalin on a 'need-basis'... but she got me thinking that maybe it's best to just take it straight. Do you take ritalin (or whichever meds you take) on your days off or only when you're working/studying?

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    • Virgie3


      I take my adderall everyday because I too feel sluggish, but my kids only take it when they have school, or sports activities.

    • Virgie3


      I take my adderall everyday because I too feel sluggish, but my kids only take it when they have school, or sports activities.

    • Columbus


      I take Ritalin before studying, whether in home or class. Sometimes I take it before a job interview or a crew meeting. Ritalin usually makes me quiet and anti-social so I try to avoid taking it before seeing friends or family.

    • brophie


      I take it everyday. I used to only take it when I needed to get stuff done but taking it everyday has helped with handling normal tasks and just feeling calmer. I also find myself struggling to hold a conversation and taking it everyday has helped a lot with my relationships with my family and friends.

    • Mark88


      I can't agree more with abbz's comment on being that kid no one liked, these treatments have an impact on our social well being, even as adults 😥

    • abbz


      It’s definitely a personal decision! I know some people who only need medication to get their work done, and that’s great! They can manage their symptoms without their medication all the time. But on the flip side, if you need your medication more than that, it’s okay too! I take mine everyday, I learned when I was younger that I didn’t like who I was without my medication all the time because I lost so much social awareness without it and was *that kid* that no one liked. As I’ve grown up I’ve learned that I like who I am with and without medication, I’m the same person, I just respond differently sometimes. Much love to everyone on their ADHD journey ❤️

    • Tom1991


      I take my meds every day. I feel that it helps not only in school but also in daily tasks such as watching a movie or shopping. I couldn't even watch a movie without getting confused and distracted before starting my meds! 😆

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