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Any other T1Ds struggle with over-eating, and have any tips? I think part of it was that my food was restricted/heavily monitored when I was very young, and I also HATE having low blood sugar, so I’m always avoiding that. I feel like sometimes when people casually offer snacks, I’ll eat even when I’m not that hungry, as if the food is going somewhere. I also stress eat more than I’d like to admit and don’t actually count carbs. It’s gotten to the point where I’ve definitely gained weight and I’m very self-conscious about it. Any ideas?

    • Pinkblossom2020


      I completely understand, I hate the lows for obvious reasons so I tend to get paranoid and treat before I even need to. The thing I think helps me is experimenting a bit with food. I like to try new stuff and see how it effects everything. It switches everything up a bit and sometimes I find things that aren't as bad as I thought with my bg. Those are the things I try to incorporate most when feeling extra snacky. I was very controlling at first with carbs but I find that it's all about finding how things effect you and incorporating the things that work best. I hope this helps but regardless I wish you luck ❤️

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Some low-carb snack options for T1Ds include cucumber and spicy hummus, salami and cheese snack packs, salted seaweed, Greek yogurt, pickles, peanut butter, sesame seaweed, plain beef jerky, and steamed broccoli with Alfredo sauce as a dip. Exercising can also help with weight management and diabetes control. It's essential to find healthy snacks that you enjoy and incorporate them into your routine to avoid overeating and manage blood sugar levels effectively.

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