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I have been on lithium for years. my levels have steadily been increasing. I am at the high end of normal with my lithium level. It was 1.1 when 1.2 was considered high. would I be crazy for wanting to switch off lithium so I don't experience lithium toxicity? I was warned by my doctor of the signs of it at our follow up appointment. do I risk the bad episodes while switching to a new med? I'm so worried about this messing up my life if I start having mood swings again.

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      I had to switch from my lamictal when I realized I was having an allergic reaction and my kidneys were shutting down. I was stable until I was out of work and in the ER several times. It's been a rough journey getting my new dosing right. At the end of the day you have to decide if being moody (for lack of a better word and understatement of the year) while you find a new medicine is better than the risks of lithium toxicity. For me, I didn't have a choice, but I would need my doctor's advice on my levels in your position.

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It's not crazy to consider switching medications if you're concerned about lithium toxicity. However, it's essential to discuss your concerns with your doctor and explore alternative options together. They can guide you through the process of transitioning to a new medication while minimizing the risk of mood swings and other side effects.

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