I took Lexapro for a few years and recently am switching to Wellbutrin.

the withdrawals have been awful and i have been dizzy enough where it impairs my daily life.

has anyone else felt this? what did you guys do other than wait it out?

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  • friendlybear


    the withdrawals are INSANELY miserable with lexapro. i hope you haven't cold turkeyed it. it is definitely a medication to be weaned off of. if you have, i'd take an antiemetic which keeps dizziness from spilling into nauseous territory.

    • pastelolly


      oh yeah my doctor had me wean off of it but it is still no fun. But thank you!!

  • Mashka


    What were you prescribed Lexapro for?

  • j_Bug


    oof unfortunately I don't have any advice, but I empathize a lot. I had about 4 days recently where I didn't have my Lexapro and I felt so shaky and unsteady. I took lots of naps and just lived on autopilot honestly.

  • Lexi97


    Sometimes I forget to take my Lexapro and I get sooo dizzy. Anytime I move my head I get a dizzy spell.

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