My bf’s ex gf died. They were together 3 hrs and lived together. She was only 36. Does anyone have any advice on how to best be supportive of him while he deals with it? He has made it clear that he has no remaining romantic feelings or anything, he’s just sad for her as a person and thanks me for my understanding and support. We think she OD’d. She had problems with prescription drugs.


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  • throwmeinthepit


    God that is awful. If it won't make you too terribly insecure it might help to encourage him to relieve some of the positive memories and just give him the space to hold the memories he has of her as a person. Sometimes the best way to mourn is to remember who they were. Even if you're no longer romantically interested, someone you lived with for years is often a big part of your life and your past. Do your best not to get caught up in insecurities you might have about her. I wish you luck and love in this time 💕

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