I hate not being able to wear short sleeves. I always get questions and it's too hot. Even if my cuts were healed and faded to white I'd still be too worried about people noticing them.

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  • SourLemons


    a few years ago i moved from a really cold and rainy city to a really sunny and rains-maybe-twice-a-year city. it was horrible because i could hide my scars under bracelets, scarves, hoodies, jeans—just layers of clothing. i can't do that anymore and the fact that i have noticeable scars is always on my mind as a result. i relate to that fear that people will notice. i think it's partly why summer's my least favourite season, too. you're not alone, OP ♡

  • HelloKitty22


    This is so true 😖! Even after most of them have faded I still feel like they can see them.

  • Jules.bean


    Hey, never be embarrassed to wear short sleeves in public. People might stare and ask questions. However, remember that you can't help how you feel sometimes and what goes on inside your brain. Sh scars aren't anything to be ashamed of, it shows that you are a human with human emotions. Learn to love them and don't let society or yourself make you feel like you aren't worthy of living or wearing what you please.

  • Officialishness


    I completely understand. I been clean for awhile now but dealt with severe SH for 10 years now - it’s honestly so surprising for me that no one ever notices. I remember growing up with long sleeves/jackets/jeans year round, or tons of bracelets to cover up. In reality, no one will notice, everyone is too busy living their own lives with their own problems and struggles. One thing that helped me especially with deeper/larger scars was bio-oil, exfoliating, overnight moisturizer wraps, wound closures/liquid bandage when healing, and allergy friendly soaps. It’s helped the scars I was most self conscious about fade more. Also when you get older you can do tattoo cover ups for scars too.

  • Dad.of.Many


    Sometimes people need to see your scars to understand where you have been, how far you have come and how strong you are to have survived.

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