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TW- pulling (might be redundant here but…) I’m really struggling with not pulling right now. I am so unbelievably self conscious about my bald spot I hate it. I’m not a compassionate person when it comes to how I talk to myself and this just amplifies so much of that. Ugh.

    • jaesun


      do you recognize what makes you start pulling? or what starts to compel you to want to pull? i used to be a head puller, and would be super self conscious of the spots id make too. all that anxiety sort of pushed me to move to my lashes though, and no longer my head. although that self consciousness just moved to a more prominent place on my head region, it still stuck out that i sort of “stopped” pulling in one area, so it gave me a little hope that in my 7 years of pulling, itd maybe turn into pulling nothing at all! & my spots have pretty much grown all the way back (its been around 3 or so years for it to look completely full again, but everyones regrowth is different!) you probably heard this many times, but fidget toys seriously are an AMAZING way of distraction if you have a lot of unconscious hand wandering. Amazon has a lot of bulk variety fidget toys for 10-20$, so itd be easier to have a couple around the house, in your bag, or wherever places you mostly are throughout the day, id recommend multiple in each place as well just in case. I tried wearing rings as finger fidgets and those helped me a bit too. lotion was also a big one for me since itd make my fingers slippery, and my hair feel gross, so it’d partially make me stay away from it. hats might be your best friend as well since they block the scalp from any hands, and could help a bit with the self consciousness. i like the style of bucket hats, and i could feel cute while also hiding an insecurity which made me sort of forget about pulling :] i also started watching videos on other peoples’ experiences with pulling, or this one guys channel called “OCD And Anxiety” on youtube, he talks a lot about various tips on different OCD related disorders (some on trich specifically) and that made me feel more self conscious about when I would start to feel my hands wander and want to pull. i really like his channel since i enjoy his way of speaking. i hope you can feel better soon. i know how frustrating it can be, but its baby steps :] you got this!

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