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How can I sleep after coming home from vacation? Before my vacation, I was expecting my sleep to be worse. I usually don't like changes in routine or sleeping in unfamiliar places. However, the total opposite happened and I slept better than I ever slept before. I felt really comfortable where I stayed, and I did plenty of activities during the daytime that tired me out and.made me sleep naturally. One night I slept for 15 hours which is absolutely wild for me (I fell asleep without any sleep aids or supplements, and it felt like good quality sleep). I've been home two nights and struggling with sleep again. It took me a long time to sleep last night, and when I finally did it was only 6 hours. I'm not expecting to sleep 15 hours every night, but I do wish I could sleep well again. I'm just not able to readjust to my room even though I was looking forward to coming back home. I actually feel less comfortable at home and have been finding it super hard to relax and get naturally sleepy again.

    • blacskul


      Because the brain gets tired of the same old environment and needs some changes. Probably try to change your bed facing in a different direction or listen to nature sounds using Bluetooth speakers or listen to asmr. Try to find something that works for you. I only struggle to maintain my sleep but I find getting into sleep with these methods helps me alot to relax and drift into sleep. Hopefully it works for you too.

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