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Hello I am 21 diagnosed with PTSD and Tourrets syndrome. I have struggled with these things for a while now and I was wondering if any of you know anything I can do to help myself. I am a person who doesn't seek help but, I now realize I do need it. My Tics have been getting worse, and I've had panic attacks almost every two or three days. I moved away from my original doctor so I do not have that additional help, I am working on finding a doctor here where I moved but I'm stressing that I won't find one who will understand my boundaries. I moved because my doctor and many others did not respect my boundaries and I was so stressed and scared about it all. Apologies I've been telling you my life story and got off track, I just need to find someone who will understand and have good knowledge on what we share. I've been wondering if I should invest in a service dog, judging from what has been happening lately but I'm not sure I am worth someone's time to train a dog for me when they're others who need that dog perhaps more than me...

    • lai


      i think seeking out a therapist who u can talk to about it is really helpful, and ultimately building a friend group of people who you are comfortable around and can talk to about stuff. it takes time but i promise it gets better!!!

    • MidnightSM93


      I have struggled within illegality of having a service dog but it was “either you or a (kill) shelter” so I got Ash. They are SO much help and can read you easily most times. Otherwise find ur own coping mechs and stick to them, esp musical ones. Never be ashamed. Panic attacks can kill over the hears so make sure ur hearts not like on rocketfuel. I already know I’m “not worth MANY’s time” but rare other alienated archetypes i clique with. Any type of art usually helps. Anon chat services can kill the boredom and loneliness too which makes all of this worse. The story can go on for years. Find u. Do u. Love u. One love ✌️

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