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Is anyone struggling with thinking they might have BPD? I also have anxiety, depression, and PTSD and I always thought those were why I am the way I am. My best friend has BPD and she was diagnosed 10 years ago. She has told me she thinks I might have it too. I was in denial I guess. I mean what are the odds? But there's always been something that didn't fit right in my life no matter how hard I tried (and believe me I've tried it all). I finally did some research expecting to finally once and for all convince myself I don't possibly have it. But I could relate to an alarming amount of symptoms and questionnaires about BPD. Is this normal? With my other conditions, I could tell so early on in life and/or early after symptoms began. It's sort of like there's just always been this missing part of me and sometimes it's filled with this overwhelming void.

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Based on the context provided, there are several individuals who have expressed similar concerns about potentially having BPD (Borderline Personality Disorder). They have noted symptoms that align with the disorder and are questioning whether they might have it in addition to other diagnosed conditions. Some have also mentioned that they relate to content targeted towards individuals with BPD. However, without professional diagnosis, these remain as personal speculations.

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