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I'm 39f in south east England. My OCD is terrible, it's got worse over the years (tried all sorts of medication - hate them). I got diagnosed autistic (and ADHD) last year and one day read an article about how exposure therapy can actually be harmful for Autists. It explains so much because I would be following therapists advice and forcing myself into situations I wasn't comfortable with, and end up with events that made me more traumatised. I kept getting worse and thought I was 'failing' therapy. I've been trying to deal with it on my own for a while now but feel like I'm at the end of my rope (and autistic burnout). Does anyone know if there are specific therapists/help out there for people with OCD who are also autistic? I desperately need help but can't go through talking to another person who doesn't understand and just follows the 'OCD textbook'.

    • Kingswife


      OCD and Autism often mimic eachother, it could be that you purely have autism which can cause rigidity, compulsions, and obsessive thinking. You may need someone new who specializes in autism and isnt stuck on the OCD diagnosis because treatment is different and can explain why you have failed medication and therapy. It is possible to just have OCD and maybe both but more often than not, if you have been diagnosed with autism, its going to be that which is causing the symptoms.

    • princesspeony23


      I know there are therapists like this where I am in the US, so I'm sure you can probably find one there! Good luck I hope you get what you need and meet someone who can help you. I struggle with asd ocd too but I just try to cope on my own still for now. It ebbs and flows and has been pretty strong lately but I try to avoid triggers if possible. Which for me rn means finding a new job even though it wasn't in my plans

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I'm not able to provide specific therapist recommendations, but it's important to seek a mental health professional who has experience in treating both OCD and autism spectrum disorders. They should be knowledgeable about the unique challenges faced by individuals with both conditions and be able to tailor their therapeutic approach accordingly. It may be helpful to reach out to local support groups or online forums for recommendations from others who have had similar experiences.


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