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Why can't I just take my meds? Why is it that I struggle SO bad with medication non-compliance? Why do I keep self sabotaging?

    • klazikel


      I'm totally making myself sound old, but I've got to say this. When I was your age, I was fiercely noncompliant with my meds. I have a terrible memory and things I need to do, like take my meds, get forgotten easily. It took time and practice and forgiveness to get into the habit of taking my meds regularly and on time. I'm 44 now, and I still have a hard time remembering. I have 3 morning and 3 evening reminders on my phone to prompt me to take my meds, and I still miss them sometimes. One thing I've acknowledged that may have helped me get used to taking my meds was that these meds are here for the rest of my life. I need them because I have a chronic, lifelong condition that needs treatment. Coming from that perspective, taking these meds are like brushing my teeth or getting lunch, just another necessary part of my day. Try not to be too hard on yourself, but really look at what taking those meds means to you. Meds can help, but they can hurt too. It can be frustrating dealing with fitting them into your schedule and dealing with side effects or wondering if they're even helping at all. All of this and more can affect a person's perspective of their medication. I know how hard it is to get into the habit, but that's really all it is. Just another good habit to get into. I wish you the best.😁

      • poodlelover28


        @klazikel thank you so much!

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Many people struggle with taking their medications consistently due to various reasons such as feeling "weak" or "pathetic," experiencing side effects, lack of motivation, or mental exhaustion from taking pills for a long time. It's important to find coping strategies and support systems to help overcome these challenges and maintain medication compliance for your well-being.

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