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Is there one way to know for certain if you have gender dysphoria? I was AFAB, but I’ve always felt like I would’ve been better off AMAB. I’m on the autism spectrum, and I understand it’s more common in autistic people to transition and detransition than the general population, and that concerns me because I could make the wrong decision and regret it for life. I have a hard time understanding what gender dysphoria is exactly. For me, I was (and still am) jealous of boys because of their privilege and advantage over the other sex. I would prefer to be the other sex, but I feel like transitioning (although, it has its perks) wouldn’t be worth it if I have scars and a half functioning penis. How do I decide what is best for me?

    • ajar


      What jam064 said about gender euphoria. I felt the same way as you for a long time, I had short hair and stopped wearing makeup and one winter when I was wearing a big coat the Walmart greeter referred to me and my cis male friend as "you boys" and it was like "oh wow he thinks I'm one of the boys!!! I could be one of the boys!!?"

    • jam064


      It's very hard to pin down dysphoria, especially since every single person experiences it differently, and some trans people don't experience it at all. A much better indicator is gender euphoria, i.e., a sense of overwhelming rightness when dressing/presenting/being addressed as your gender. Talking it through with a licensed therapist is also very important. They have the training necessary to help you sort through thoughts in a constructive way. Just be sure to find one that is LGBTQ+ positive, preferably one who understands that the Q is for queer AND questioning. Aside from that, transition socially first. Dress masc, cut your hair, choose a masc name, wear a safe binder, pack, etc. Present as a man for a while before making a permanent commitment. You can always regrow hair and switch your wardrobe back, but surgery and HRT are much more difficult to undo if you realize it's not right for you. Don't rush it. Take your transition one step at a time. And remember: you do not have to transition medically to be trans. Whatever gender(s) you feel you are, that's what you are. Don't let anyone disrespect that.

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The context provided does not contain specific information or advice on how to know for certain if one has gender dysphoria, or how to decide what is best in terms of transitioning. It's recommended to seek professional help from a mental health professional or a gender therapist to discuss these feelings and concerns.

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