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does anyone else struggle with full-time jobs? i work a 12-7 shift 4 days of the week and a 8-5 on the weekend. just one day of work tires me out because i have to work all by myself because we are really short staffed. i work in a coffee shop and they have 3 people in the morning and one at night. i told my manager that its really hard for me to work by myself because i get exhausted very easily cause of my lupus, and she called me lazy and said i didnt look sick... i feel like a dont get much time to myself and im tired all the time. also on my days off i just sleep. i hate it.

    • carolanne


      I am first sorry for the way you were treated. That was wrong on so many levels. My heart goes out to you. Rest when you can the fatigue is nothing healthy people can understand. My prayers are with you stay strong remember you are definitely a lupus warrior. Be proud of your self.

    • xoBumbleBee


      I'm so sorry you're going through this but you're definitely not alone. I also work in a coffee shop and even though I don't do anything extreme, I get worn out by just a few hours of work. I hide it the best I can but it is very upsetting that I can't push myself to do as much as I'd like. I'm here for you and hope we both find some relief soon!

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