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Hi guys, I need advice from anyone with Endo/pcos/generally fucked up periods! I've struggled for a really long time and tried a lot of hormonal birth control methods to stop my period cuz when I don't do anything the pain is so bad I can't move and I throw up/ am pretty much immobilized for like half of my life. I was on the pill for a long time but it would do this thing where every three months I'd just start bleeding and it was painless but didn't stop unless I paused the pill for a week or so. I once bled for over 90 days straight . I also have a rlly sensitive stomach so I had to stop taking a lot of methods due to it worsening chronic nausea and am currently trying the ring. it worked for me for a while but similar to the pill, on month three I just started bleeding, except this time it's accompanied by very painful cramps, backaches, messed up digestion. I took out the ring after a week and a half of pain that was resistant to the high dose omega 3 that usually helps my cramps. I messaged my doctor because Ive had to take 10 ibuprofens a day and I'm concerned for my health if I keep this up. she was dismissive of my concerns and told me it was "normal" for teens to have irregular periods and to try acupuncture when I've been menstruating for 7 years and have tried acupuncture and have talked to her extensivelt Abt this stuff and do multiple doctors have told me I probably have PCOS/endo but haven't tested me. I'm starting to get weird stomach aches and lose weight and have been bleeding for 2 weeks now and it's getting heavier and heavier and I am scared I'm gonna give myself gastritis from all the Advil , does anyone have an idea of what might be up and what I can do to remedy it?

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    • Trace79


      I am from thee UK and they gave me a pill called desogestrel which has helped me but make sure you take every day

    • Trace79


      I am from thee UK and they gave me a pill called desogestrel which has helped me but make sure you take every day

    • Leahhhh


      I’ve heard that the book the period code is really helpful for stuff like this. I haven’t read it yet but I’ve heard that it’s good

    • RandiJean


      Hey. I also have painful periods besides my high pain tolerance. Vomiting passing out bad. I completely understand. I tried Xulane(patch). It worked for me but I don't like taking meds anymore. I also have IBS. So I get the bad digestion. This is what I did to help combat all the symptoms youre struggling with. Cut out all dairy and gluten. These are inflammatory foods, meaning they can cause bad cramps, digestion issues, and random pelvic pain possibly related to endo. 2nd. Try seed cycling. There's a company called Funk it that can explain everything and send you kits to start. 3rd I don't take any medication besides my anxiety meds. Try tumeric and cinnamon capsules to reduce pain and inflammation. Irregular periods are NOT normal. Don't let anyone tell u that. Good luck. I hope you feel better. Message me with any questions.

    • BrokenRainbows


      I would ask your provider about something like Orilissa, which is designed to help decrease your estrogen levels to help ease pain associated with periods and pain outside of your cycle. Those are most definitely not “normal” things for someone on their period. However, there are some downsides to Orilissa. It’s very expensive and some insurance companies won’t cover it. Also, some people have really bad side effects with it, so be sure to monitor and look out for those. That being said everyone that has tried it and had success has said that it’s “game changing” and that it’s been really beneficial to them. I hope you finally are able to get some relief ❤️❤️

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