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Hi, my name is Izzy. On here , at least. Ive had mental health issues for a lot of my life, and have always had self-image issues. Always wanting to start a diet or exercise. My mental health has been suffering, and the easy way out has been what I’ve been doing. I stopped eating. Hardly eating anything , actually. I lost 25 pounds in 3 weeks, food makes me feel guilty, and sometimes even just sick to my stomach looking at it. This has been going on now since February of 2022, and it’s not pregnancy, I guess I just need help coping with it. What are some safe foods you eat, that don’t make you feel guilty? My mind is so horrible to me, and it makes me feel like I still need to lose weight 🙃

    • SadieShip


      I feel you, I really do. I know I don’t need to lose more weight, but my mind keeps telling me to. Unfortunately, the only thing you can do is eat those foods that make you guilty. You don’t have to start big to begin with, just try one thing at a time and eventually it won’t be as scary. Take it day by day and try to find a hobby to get distracted in to take you away from the after feeling. Some days will be harder than others but that’s all apart of the journey. It’s hard, but I believe in you. Whenever you miss an opportunity because of food, write it down. You can look back on these things and realize how you look (which I am sure is no less than beautiful) is no comparison to fond memories to look back on. You got this.❤️

      • izzyr


        @SadieShip 😭 that message meant so much to me, seriously. sometimes i feel so alone on this journey because everyone around me gets so upset and tells me to “just eat” . my guilt has caused me to go back to my old coping mechanisms ( not great ones ) and it’s even worse that nobody around me relates. thank you. truly 🥺🤍

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