I've struggled with depression for a really long time. There are days where I feel so hopeless and it nags at me and keeps me in the bed. Some days are better than others and I feel good until that feeling comes back and I become so apathetic and numb. It's a doesn't help I feel the pressure from my family to become independent and get a career. I want to get to a better place where I can function well all day and feel ok first. Any ways to keep hopes high and find some more joy in life? I do read and go for walks occasionally but anything else I could do, I'd love to hear :)


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  • ForestFemme


    I noticed you have ADHD, something that helps me is engaging with old/current hyperfixations. Sometimes one will spark interest, and I can use the hyperfixation to pull myself out of the apathy.

  • Haruno


    I can 100% agree/relate to you, I don't necessarily know when depression really came into my life I just know it's interrupted a lot of it. When the days where you feel so apathetic and numb start I'd suggest listening to music, or drawing. If you've tried those then find something that makes you laugh or cry! And if the pressure from your family becomes almost unbearable I think you should try and have a talk with them, help them understand that you're struggling. If you don't feel comfortable with that then try to subtly give them hints. I think reading, or going for walks is great! It can help keep your mind off things. The only suggestions I've added here are listening to music, doodling, or finding something to make you laugh, cry, ect. ☺️

  • Exlloyd


    Going to the gym and working out every day helps me a little.

  • 4byfour


    I noticed it helps me when I ask for praise/support for work I’ve put in (I try not to get it for my accomplishments). I don’t ‘depend’ on it to function (it hurts to know I have to do that, but I do), but it puts such a pep in my step after a while when I feel good about myself.

  • Exlloyd


    ❤️ 👍

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