my depression has been getting worse and I've been trying to reach out for help but I never can it's hard to even get out of bed or eat and all I can do is sit and cry and regret every little thing no matter what


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  • MaryC


    Call the national suicide prevention line

  • Bunn3y


    I understand how you feel - and it can be incredibly hard. Something I learned in psychology to help with getting yourself started is… to literally just get out of bed. Like, don’t overthink it. In fact, don’t think about it at all. Just as soon as you wake up, get up. The more you think about your actions the harder it is for you to complete them. Take 10 minutes to do something you enjoy… watch a show, listen to music, whatever YOU like to do, do it! Sometimes talking to people about your problems is the hardest thing… but I find it nice to write down my thoughts that are holding me back. Anytime I think of something that stresses me, maybe a past regret or trigger, I’ll write it down to just get it out of my mind. You can even say it out loud to yourself to desensitize yourself. Make things that are difficult easier by giving yourself a break and also TAKING breaks. Maybe you have to shower - do something you like first, shower, and then do something else you like. Reward yourself for the little things :)) After all that - it’s important you express yourself. As you mentioned, it may be hard to get help. If you need anyone to talk to I can always offer a listening ear! You got this :)

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