really haven’t been feeling great about my body or my health. i’ve been gaining weight for the past few months while being on a pretty strict diet and working out everyday. i have tons of stretch marks and they just make me insecure. i went through a rough patch in life and i still have self harm scars, people notice them sometimes and it just upsets me. i live in place where every summer it gets to be 105-106°F and i end up getting a heat rash every year and i’m currently dealing with that. ive grown up in a home where i’d constantly be body shamed for being a certain weight, or having certain things on my skin and it’s just messed with me. i also have just been experiencing a lot of fatigue and other issues. i’m so tired of constantly feeling like i don’t fit in this body, it’s so difficult some days.


acute lethargy

Skin rash

Body dysmorphic disorder

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  • Jshor18


    I'm here to talk if you need to ik what it's like, I really do and it sucks

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