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Struggling with my eating disorder (binge eating disorder) and trying to lose weight... help?

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    • Zozzy


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    • mearbearz


      This isn’t certainly a solution for everyone, but weirdly religion has kinda helped me. I’m converting to Judaism, so I’ve decided to follow kosher laws. So that helped me cut out a lot of junk food I was eating. In fact, I don’t really eat meat anymore because it’s just too much trouble to eat regularly in a place with not a lot of kosher stores. It also encourages me to cook my food at home more, and it actually can be fun! As for exercise, running is definitely my go to. What I’d do is walk around your city and find a really pretty place that you’d like to see a lot and run there and make a special part of your week/day

    • andooe


      I had a similar issue. I found that every time I'd try to limit myself, I'd stress myself out and start binging again. I had a bad record of fasting and binging for a few years. I'm still recovering every day. It'll take time, and might have some road bumps, but try to give yourself a new perspective on food in general. If you try to cut out foods that you want more than anything, it's likely you'll binge again out of stress. Let yourself eat what you want, but be mindful of it. I fully believe no food is bad food, all food has positives and negatives, but it all gives you energy and keeps your body running. Try to make sure you're having at least one nutritious meal a day, whatever that means for you (or supplements if that's difficult for you) and take the time to appreciate what you're eating. How it tastes, how it feels to chew, things like that. Be grateful for the food you're having, how it's keeping you alive, how it's giving you energy and nutrients and tastes good. It's hard as hell to recover from eating disorders, but I've found reframing like this at least has lessened my fasting/binging tendencies, and my weight has been stable for a while now. I'm still overweight, but I always have been since I was a baby. I think that's how I'm supposed to be at this point. Now, I never really gain or lose weight except for small changes here and there and I feel better with that stability. Your body knows better than anyone what it needs to keep going. Listen to it when you can, I know your brain can make it hard sometimes. I hope this helped.

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