Weird question, but is anyone else angry about being autistic and still coming to terms with it? I got diagnosed about a year ago and I literally feel like I'm moving through the stages of grief.

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

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  • andio


    yeah . sometimes i get upset thinking about how things could be different if i was just able to think "normally" . it's still hard some days , but each day gets a little easier navigating how exactly autism affects my life , seeing as i've lived with it all this time and just not recognized it as that . it helps for me personally to think of it as a part of me . it's not good , it's not bad . thinking of it like fingernails . sometimes it's inconvenient to have to deal with , but i'm slowly getting better at learning how to . i hope you start feeling better soon . if you ever need anyone too talk to about this stuff , don't hesitate to reach out .

    • Asteroidrose


      yeah.. its.. scary.. but luckily I have a lot of friends with ASD so I'm not alone

  • Wonderly


    more-so irritated than angry…I was diagnosed at age 7 and as someone in her early 20’s, many days i have moments where I’m like “ugh I wish I could be normal…why am i like this…nobody understands…” I do my best to lead a fairly average lifestyle but things feel tougher for me when compared to my friends or peers

  • DitsyDiabetic


    Angry? Not really…. I actually just found out last month that i have ASD. Grief though? Yeahhhhh….. but i try to be positive. At least my behaviors/mannerisms/thought processes/etc have an explanation now. If you wanna talk about anything my inbox is open. I feel like we could relate to each other really well

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