Hello, we are a system who has been trying to talk to our therapist about DID, but everytime someone starts the conversation around it, we start to feel locked up, and the stress of our therapist not believing it. She said we mentioned it multiple times, but never expanded on the idea, however we only have memories of bringing it up twice.

Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID)

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  • ryce


    we've been having similar problems, and have gotten to the point where we were finally able to talk about it a little bit. it could be that some alters are still wary of the idea of talking about it in therapy; try and reach out to them and see what's up. find & hear out their concerns & figure out what you all as a whole can do to help parts that might be fearful of talking about it. remind them that this therapist is safe, and if she proves not to be, you're a paying client and can leave, and it would be good for the whole system to be open about this, etc. good luck!

    • ryce


      and, if you're capable, telling your therapist just about the anxiety of her feeling like it's fake and how it makes you freeze up, and how you want to talk but feel like you can't, is somewhere that they should be able to help you as well. that's a starting point (:

  • shova


    My therapist told me to talk to my doctor about me having did it's so hard to see him

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