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Just a rant about stupid health insurance that we pay out the butt for and the horrible medical system. I've been referred by my daughters early intervention team and her pediatrician to get an autism evaluation. My husband and I also think it would be super helpful as shes been having alot of issues and we aren't sure how to help her. The only place that still has an evaluator and takes insurance is at minimum a 7 month wait. The other places are out of pocket and we just can't afford an $800+ medical bill that is usually due at the time of appointment with no payment plan. I thought I finally found a new place that took our insurance and that didn't have an insane wait time. Regrettably I got a bit excited and was pretty disappointed when I got the call that insurance has decided not to cover it at all. The only reason it wouldn't be $3000+ for this place is because we have a deductible. I'm just so tired of having to fight and hunt for health care. I've struggled finding my own mental and medical care and its just even more disappointing when you can't even find it for your daughter. Out of every trigger I have this is the biggest one. I've lived chronically ill my whole life. I've reached out for help my whole life. I've been ignored my whole life. So far she's not showing as many physical symptoms as I did but what if she does? How hard am I going to have to fight just to get her help? What if I fail? I'm just frustrated and I feel defeated.

    • Katty


      I’m sorry to hear about this, that’s rough. The system is so broken and no one wants to fix it. While you may need the official diagnosis for a lot, there’s a chance teachers may be willing to work with you to get accommodations set in place, and you can set up accommodations at home. Having accepting, understanding, and encouraging parents makes a world of difference either way. <3 Best of luck.

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