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How can I feel like I'm doing more than just coping and surviving? I'm finding it hard to feel okay with myself and my daily routine. I'm just always doing things to keep an anxiety attack or depression at bay. I'm just trying to distract myself but I'm not necessarily happy or finding meaning in things. And I also have concentration issues (I was diagnosed with ADHD before but not put on meds because of having a history of arrhythmia). I used to freelance but it got too draining for me so I'm on a break from it, but I can't get a traditional job because of a lot of other factors going on in my life right now. I spend hours journaling, which honestly doesn't always make me feel much better. I do like keeping track of my thoughts but sometimes journaling makes me overthink, or I feel like I'm not making much progress and that nothing significantly changes in my life. I used to love walks to the park and it helped with my insomnia too, but it's unusual for me to get away with spending much time outside of the house, plus this time of year the rain gets too bad for walking (pouring rain with thunder and lightning, not light drizzles). My mood has just been so low and hopeless, like I'm not doing enough but I just get too overwhelmed at the thought of doing things anyway.

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      I'm sorry you're struggling so much right now. I also feel like I'm just surviving, which doesn't help much with my mood because I judge myself for not doing something more 'useful'. surviving is not easy though—it is an achievement—but I agree that barely coping doesn't feel like a meaningful or tenable baseline. besides journalling (which I often do through art and images when words make me overthink too much), I find things I learned from ACT resources help me out. for example, I try to accept and let pass (rather than ward off) some of my unhelpful thoughts. also, when I can't hit my goals, I try to make choices and take little actions that reflect my commitment to my values. I find that can be a little empowering. I hope your low and hopeless patch begins to ease up a little soon ❤️

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One suggestion from the context is to establish a routine with priorities first and stick to it. If you feel too drained then break it apart in days & just do it when you feel good or motivated suddenly but always priorities first so you get it out of the way and have time for fun things you like next time you feel better. Also, try combining chores or things to do with motivating things like caffeine helps me and background music helps me do chores. A walk outside in the morning also helps get my mind in a better mood to take on the day. Another person suggested investigating why you feel this way and focusing more on improving yourself for you and not others.

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