does anyone else struggle to eat because they don't feel loved or connected enough?

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

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  • moonstone


    💕 sure this is a factor for me in big scheme of things. if im not feeling safe and nourished in other ways it can be hard.

    • SunInAugust


      thank you. Its helpful to know its not just me. I was trying to describe to friends that its that I dint feel safe, not that I dont wanna eat

  • darkfang


    I eat at night it's called emotional sickness

  • Softboii


    I struggle a LOT eating on my own, especially at my house. I guess it is kinda the loneliness and not having the right kind of stimulation to be mentally able to eat. It'll get to the point where I haven't eaten enough and actually make myself physically sick because of it.

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