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i got off my medication and over all my withdrawals. i was better before medication and i just expected too much of it. but now ive been alone and anxious for so long that i dont know how to get back out there. and taking risks yeah yeah. but panic attacks are so terrifying and take such a toll that its hard to even think of going out without being anxious. ive been a recluse for like 2 whole years now. i used to be so okay, in 2021 i hung out with my friends every single day, i had a job, i felt so good. but now i cant leave my house with escapes, if the plan is to be dropped off thats a no go. ive struggled to bring myself back to a healthy spot. i need advice.

    • TheBookishLady


      Firstly, as hard as it is, you have to treat yourself as a priority and as someone who's allowed to need help. You're not a failure. And it sucks, it's so hard to get past this part. But you can do it, nothing, absolutely nothing, lasts forever, that I promise you. Do you have anyone who you really trust? Could they come over and go for a quick walk with you? Build yourself up slowly, but don't be angry with yourself if you need to go home, it's totally OK. If you ever need a chat, I'm about and happy to chat x

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