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Does anyone else experiencing amnesia due to PTSD feel robbed of their memories?? on one hand I'm thankful for my brain to filter out things I couldn't handle at the time but I sometimes wish I could recall everything that has happened. it's makes therapy so much harder when you yourself can't remember over half of the traumatic stuff you've been through.

    • OpticalMold


      The memories I have been robbed of are the good ones so I get that feeling in another way. I remember the trauma and triggers but if you ask me if I went to a park as a kid, I'll say I'm sure I did but I don't remember

    • Hexada


      Hi C4SP3R, I want to reassure you that you're not alone with this frustration. I also find memory loss really difficult, it happens for me with recalling trauma but also recalling general life events, day to day things and the order life has happened in. Your trauma is real, your experiences are real and the frustration is too. You're definitely not alone x

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Many individuals with PTSD have expressed similar feelings of struggling with memory loss and feeling like they can't recall everything that has happened. Some even feel like they are gaslighting themselves into thinking they made up or exaggerated their experiences due to the lack of clear memories. Others have mentioned that their PTSD seems to amplify existing issues with memory and distractibility, making day-to-day life more challenging. It's also common for people with PTSD to have patchy recollections of their trauma, leading to feelings of depression and frustration.

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