i’m sick of depression being treated like some sort of minor mental issue. I’m so young and yet I still have a deep feeling of dread every waking second of the day. If something bad happens I’m sad. If something amazing happens, I still feel empty. Stop romanticizing depression.


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  • Nightreader


    I feel this 100%❤️

  • Aquarius_Mage


    I hate how doctors practically dismiss mental health as a heath issue. Yeah, we're not bleeding out within an inch of our lives, but that shouldn't warrant lack of treatment.

  • spicysugar


    I was just talking about this with my partner. And the fact of the matter is, too many physical disorders are affected directly by mental health for doctors to not care the way they show they don't care right now. Mental health issues are just as intense as physical issues and should be treated with the same sense of urgency and importance.

  • Stitchlover23


    Amen I hope and still hope that ppl would stop thinking that it's a fake thing.

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