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Starting Levothyroxine (25mcg) tomorrow - any advice on side effects and when the best time to take it is?

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    • Ambie


      I started taking it before bed. I feel like I like it better than the morning but I don't eat an hour before bed

    • Ambie


      I started taking it before bed. I feel like I like it better than the morning but I don't eat an hour before bed

    • Hopeful216


      Levothyroxine makes the body develop arthritis. Get on Armour Thyroid.

    • darthmomma


      I have am alarm for 5:30 am, go back to bed then wake up to eat later so I am not tempted

    • JJcharney


      Take it one hour before eating. I set my alarm every day one hour early and go back to sleep! As for side effects, you shouldn't have any. If you do, the dose is probably too high. It takes at least two weeks to notice a difference.

    • Mila


      I take it first thing in the morning and I drink my first coffee of the morning one hour after I take the pill. You might feel symptoms like heat sensitivity, sweating, weight loss, headaches or anxiety if the dose is too high. Be patient until you find the right dosage for you, hope you already feel better🤗

    • Pretty_Nora


      Levothyroxine should be taken on an empty stomach and at the same hour every day. If you can do it every morning, an hour before breakfast or coffee, I find that's the best time. If not, consider taking it at bedtime. The side effects are usually from hypo/hyperthyroid states until you find the right dose you need. I suggest keeping your doc closely in the loop about it. Keep us posted!

    • Cyd


      I was also told to take it first thing. I actually set an alarm to take it an hour before having to get up.

    • Anastasia


      Hi! I was also told by my doctor to take it first thing in the morning, before breakfast and it took few days before I started feeling better with it too. You should also know that there are some food products that can make your body absorb less levothyroxine such as grapefruit juice, soybean flour, cotton seed meal, walnuts and high fiber food- so try to avoid them. Good luck 😍

    • Pheobe


      I personally did not suffer any side effects but it was difficult for me to find the right dosage. So letting you know that it might take some time, be patient:) Also, don’t forget to get checked at first until you feel better and hormone levels are balanced. Good luck!

    • Mela


      Traditionally, doctors say to take the pill in the morning, about an hour before breakfast because certain products (milk, for example) lower its absorption efficiency. I recently heard that there are new studies that say that if you do not take any other pill in the evening you can take the pill right before bed. I'm still taking it first thing in the morning but would love to hear if there are any users who do otherwise!

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