I️ recently had the temporary (two month) SPRINT PNS implant, and for the first time in 17 years I️ have HOPE. I️ was prescribed hydrocodone when I️ was 7, worked my way up to dilauded, and made the choice to come off all narcotics when I️ was 19 and learned doing my own research about narcotic induced hyperalgesia, where long term use of narcotics makes your nerves more sensitive, tricking you into thinking they’re helping when they’re only treating the harm they cause.

Absolutely no shame to ANYONE using narcotics to cope with the pain, whatever keeps you alive. But at 24 after 17 years of suffering, I️’ve been introduced to the first thing other than medication and PT/OT that’s brought be relief in the form of Peripheral Nerve Stimulators. The unit I️ tried only stayed in for 60 days, they’re electrodes the size of a human hair that sit on one of your nerves, and i saw once removed, are attached to an incredibly thin elastic cord that attaches to a covered button, so you don’t have to be nervous during bandage changes you WON’T pull it. Due to the extent of my nerve damage, I️ actually didn’t feel much while having it. Despite that, the pain in my right leg (they did one at a time) is steadily at a 7 and DOESN’T INCREASE WITH ACTIVITY. The pain in my untreated left leg is steadily at a 9 and immediately increases with activity.
My balance is better, and despite being left handed I️ find myself leading with my right side and putting most of my pressure on my right leg.

I️ cannot recommend the SPRINT implant enough, considering it’s a trial you have nothing to lose, and it opens the conversation up to permanent PNS implants if it works as well for you as it did for me.
I️ want to scream from the rooftops about this.


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