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I (female), a few days ago (during intercourse) I felt a deep pain that made me have to stop immediately. The pain spread around my entire pelvis, very sharp. I could not move and I could hardly stand, I especially couldn’t bend forward or back. I was balling and have never cried from pain in my life the pain got 90% better by morning and I’ve only had general discomfort since. I currently feel a fullness, almost like before your period (I haven’t had one in over 4 years since my IUD because of PCOS). After looking up symptoms I’m thinking it might be a burst cyst. In the past I thought I had symptoms of endometriosis but I am unsure and never saw any doctors because of my poor experiences with doctors. I understand I can’t get medical advice here, but I’m looking for similar stories and opinions so that I can lead my doctor in the right direction (the doctors I see tend to bypass my symptoms until I explain why I need something)

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      I have PFD and this is exactly what Ive experienced with sex. An extremely sharp pain/ or multiple pains, cannot walk or it gets worse, lasts a day or two and residual pains after. Look into pfd and physical therapy.

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One user shared their experience with a ruptured cyst, describing it as a sudden, excruciating pain on one side that radiated to their back and left them completely incapacitated. They also mentioned having endometriosis and struggling with chronic pelvic pain. It's important to consult with a healthcare professional to discuss your symptoms and receive proper diagnosis and treatment.

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