Hi everyone! I have a question that I can't find a solid answer for on google. Ever since my anxiety first spiked when I was 11 and I stopped eating as much, when I am very stressed, do too much physical exercise, or sometimes when I eat greasy food, I get a sharp pain in the left side of my stomach just below my ribcage. Heat seems to help somewhat but only time can make it go away. It's been a consistent symptom of mine for over a decade and it worries me but no one can tell me what it is. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

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  • lonelypotato13


    This happens to me a lot and I know a few others who experience it. Never have found out why it happens but i don't think its anything to worry about

  • Scarlett.night


    Have you seen a doctor?

  • Scarlett.night


    If that's not a dumb question

    • Motley


      its not a dumb question, I haven't had a doctor check it out. I actually don't have a doctor right now but I'm working on that.

      • Scarlett.night


        I'm glad your working on it

  • spicysugar


    Yeah, that happens to me too. Honestly I never thought too much about it just cause of being in an apparently very abusive situation, but nothing bad has happened with it yet so it should be fine? I'm not certain. Although they are looking into if I have IBS currently, but that's less about the pain with stress

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