So September 26, I stretched and I knew something seriously went wrong! I went to the ER, had X-rays and waited...
I was diagnosed having acute shoulder strain/frozen shoulder.
Here we are October 6 and I have experienced the following symptoms:
1.) I have severe, often burning pain in my neck and there's a bulging of my spine at the nape of my neck.
2.) I hear grinding sounds if I move my neck from side to side.
3.) I cannot lift my left arm very high and I have extreme muscle weakness.
4.) Excruciating shooting pains radiating from my shoulder to my forearm.
5.) Also I have white, cold fingers on my left hand and I cannot feel anything, nor can I bend my fingers!

Muscle Cramp

Acute muscle weakness

Intervertebral Disc Displacement

Disturbance of skin sensation

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