So I've had headaches that have started getting worse over the years and they are now to the point where they get so bad even tylenol isn't helping anymore and they last for days. Any idea what this could be or any advice to help with it?

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  • Ketch


    Chiropractor? I'm sorry you have to deal with that 🥺

  • Chargie


    My headaches are triggered by food and /or by pinched nerves in my neck.

  • Psalms


    Shadow u should try neurologist I suffered many of years taking meds for headaches so finally after all those years I mean years I was sent to neurologist they say reason headaches was not working cause I was having chronic migraine on Botox first dose I've seen a change so try that

  • Tomato


    I’m sorry for what you’re going through. Is there any trigger for your headaches or do they just come and go without any relation to anything?

  • Sharon


    I guess there could be many reasons or triggers to headaches but… are you sleeping well and enough? How have you been eating? Some foods like cheese, red wine and chocolate can trigger headaches.

  • NonbinarySlytherin


    Talk to a doctor. I have vestibular migraines and there are miracle medications for headaches and migraines. Talk to your primary and see if you need to see a neurologist and or a headache specialist. Also, dry eyes can lead to head pain along with caffeine, being hungry/needing protein/sugar, and being dehydrated.

  • Lora


    Sorry to hear about your pain! I was diagnosed with migraine after many years of headaches. I noticed that if I don't drink or eat enough it can worsen the pain. Therefore drinking coffee and water when I take Nsaids for the pain is helpful.

  • AlwaysInPain82


    Tylenol won't help every type of headache and it's hard on your liver and kidneys, so please be careful with Tylenol and with NSAIDs, they are not as safe as doctors make them out to be! Please go to a neurologist for what could be migraines, etc. It sounds like you need to see a doctor.

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