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Lately the pain has been getting so bad i couldnt even stab my straw through a capri sun today bc it hurt to bad, when i move my wrist in certain ways it hurts too. its mainly my thumb and pointer finger and i just really would love some ways to make the pain stop i miss gaming so much but i cant do it at the moment bc of the pain. im trying to start pt but until then i really need ways to help it. Ive already tried over the counter things like advil or tynenol, i have 2 different braces and neither work and they also agitate my sensory issues

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One suggestion is to identify any sources of additional pain and take steps to relieve any pain with a treatable source. Setting up a "rest space" where any food, water, meds, entertainment, etc. is easily within reach, and any support items are available can also be helpful. Wearing a wrist brace every night while sleeping might help reduce the pain. Taking breaks as needed when doing activities that involve repetitive motions with your hands can also be beneficial. Some people have found relief from supplements like magnesium, potassium, and Turmeric. Using braces at night and compression gloves during the day has also been suggested.

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